How you can help

There are many ways in which you can help the Good Shepherd to feed and comfort those in need.

Financial Support

We rely on donations to support our work in the local community and appreciate all the financial support we receive. Please use our Gift Aid form if you are a UK Tax payer.

You can donate online at Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd
Please send cheques payable to the Good Shepherd (our address is at the bottom of the page.)

Set up a monthly standing order
£10 can pay for 20 clients to have daily food parcel
£25 can pay for 30 clients to have a hot meal


If you would like to volunteer please click the link on this page to sign up for our Volunteer service.

As a volunteer you will:

  • Make sandwiches
  • Serve food at our sandwich hatch
  • Serve in the dining room
  • Pack food
  • Help with the driving
  • Remember us in your prayers
  • Collect food at your place of work or worship
  • Tell others about our vital work


All donations are appreciated, if you are having trouble getting your donation to us please get in touch.

  • Tinned food
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Sleeping bags
  • Toiletries
  • Carrier bags

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