BAS9 – The Feedback!

It is now a month since the Good Shepherd were extremely proud to play our part as one of the ambassadors for the British Art Show by staging a three-day exhibition at our premises on Waterloo Road.

BAS9 as a whole was a fantastic event for our staff and service users, grasping the opportunity to work so closely with the School of Art at the University of Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton Art Gallery to open doors to new experiences for our clients.

We loved hosting our own part of the overall programme of events, exhibiting the work of service users who attend our art and photography classes, and received some wonderful feedback, some of which is shared below.



Very impressive, inspirational, great work. Humbling.

I’m in awe of the talent on display and the way the client’s stories have been displayed is impressive.

I hope we will be able to work alongside this project. It’s motivating, compassionate and glows great values.

Thoroughly enjoyed the fully immersive experience of this exhibition.  It ticked all of the boxes – informative, emotive, artistic, expressive. Love the prayer to kick things off, to remind us all of a higher purpose.

A whole lot of stories of situations told but, in the end, punctuated with doses of hope and inspiration. Gave me a NEW ME!

A brilliant insight showing hope, and really well explained by caring staff.

Very interesting experience and really highlights the amazing work that you do.

Wonderful artwork – a real insight into lived experience of trauma and homelessness. What a healing experience to attend Good Shepherd and build a new family.

Fabulous to see the breadth of what you offer and thank you for the opportunities you give for expression – a place of hope.

My first encounter with the Good Shepherd was at Thornley Street by the Lafayette Club. The move to the Waterloo Road building has been brilliant. How your great work has grown and expanded, helping more people in need, is absolutely amazing.  Onwards and upwards. Much love.

Thank you for allowing us to see and experience your work without it feeling tokenistic or voyeuristic. Genuinely touching, impressive and informative.

What a heartfelt exhibition – it was really quite moving.  Also, I was fascinated and inspired by how the Centre operates – the kitchen, the food, the family pantry etc.  Thank you.

Wow! I have been greatly moved by all the good work you are doing. Excellent work and so positive. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Lovely people and a great atmosphere. I’m glad I came and I learned so much.

Where to start…it was a wonderful experience.  It was great meeting those who had been helped by the Good Shepherd and those that are doing the helping.  Very thought provoking and a memorable experience.

Amazing exhibition and immersive experience of the Good Shepherd service. Love the kitchen and Louise the lady cook reminds me of Angel from the programme Escape to the Chateau. Wolves’ very own Angel Strawbridge! I loved having my photo taken with my textile piece.

Inspiring and wonderfully organised as expected. Such wonderful teamwork and vision. Glad I came back for a second visit!

Wonderful to see inside and hear what you do. About ten years ago I helped serve in the dining room at Darlington Street – happy memories! Glad to see you are going from strength to strength.

Everyone involved can be so proud of themselves – it worked brilliantly. All the values of the Good Shepherd shone through the experience.

I was in awe with some of the comments and talks given by volunteers about the stories of service users at the Good Shepherd.

A wonderful experience, very humbling to see and hear about all the amazing work done at the Good Shepherd. Everyone is so supportive to each other and the service users.

A beautiful concept and amazing use of service users’ art forms.

An amazing time – full of hope and love. I’m so grateful to have seen some of the work that goes on here. A real sense of Shalom!

Congratulations – here’s to another 50 years! Blessings and congratulations for all the good work.


I really enjoyed taking part in the exhibition and being given the chance to share my poetry.

I wrote a piece about respect because the Good Shepherd was there when I needed help. It’s called giving back and that’s respect.

People were so interested in what we do and didn’t know the extent of our services and were blown away by it.

So proud to be involved and enjoyed every minute. Loved sharing our journeys and the positive outcomes we have achieved with the amazing characters of Wolverhampton.

I was so proud to be part of this event. We have always had a voice but never centre stage. This time it was our turn to be centre stage.

A great event and I was very proud to be a part of it all. Lovely to see so many people attend also from other agencies.

The venue, artwork and layout were amazing. The full show worked seamlessly due to the hard work of the planning team and staff and support network.

What a team – so happy with the content of the event, showcasing all aspects of who we are and what we do. Great job!

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