Food Parcels Donation For Christmas

The Good Shepherd are delighted to have received further support from members of the 5/344 Transport and General Workers Union Benevolent Fund with the donation of a supply of family food parcels.

The Fund, built up by former workers at Goodyear, linked up with the Express & Star’s Feed A Family At Christmas campaign and donated 300 food parcels to be shared between the Good Shepherd and The Well.

The overall donation, worth just under £2,000, will allow the Good Shepherd and The Well to support many families in need over the Christmas period.

Cyril Barrett, chairman of the benevolent fund, who worked at the former tyre plant for almost 40 years, said the group was pleased to be able to help provide a lifeline to families and vulnerable people.

“Feed a Family is an absolutely lovely appeal that is all about bringing a community together to support each other,” he said.

Helen Holloway, Admin/Finance Manager at the Good Shepherd, added:  “We are all really appreciative of this hugely generous donation of 300 family food parcels to be distributed by ourselves and The Well.

“Cyril and everyone connected with the 5/344 Transport and General Workers Union Benevolent Fund have been so supportive of the Good Shepherd over so many years and have had a substantial impact on the work we do across Wolverhampton.

“Their donations have provided various vitally important equipment to help us function on a long-term and sustainable basis, including a delivery van, a dishwasher, cookers, a freezer and other kitchen equipment, fan extractors and laptops.”

“These family parcels include a range of food such as meat pies, potatoes, tinned fruit and tinned meat, items which will make a real difference to our service users over Christmas.

“We just want to say another huge thank you to everyone connected with the fund which is a great example of former workers in Wolverhampton continuing to make a real difference to the people who need help in the city.”


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