Good Shepherd Podcast Episode 10: “Finding A New Way Of Working.”

Arron Owen is the national lead for criminal justice working with Cranstoun, an organisation offering a wide range of services across England.  

Arron is heavily involved in working closely with West Midlands Police on initiatives to reduce drug use and drug-related crime, including finding other methods of education to try and prevent people who have committed minor offences from needing to be processed through the Criminal Justice System, instead offering a different path.  

Arron explains more in our podcast, in association with the Heart of England Community Fund, for which he is joined by Good Shepherd Senior Key Worker Leon Barrett, who had previously worked as a Drug Worker at Cranstoun. 

Good Shepherd Podcast Episode 11: "You Never Know What You Are Going To Walk Into."

Superintendent Simon Inglis is the man with overall responsibility for the policing of Wolverhampton.   We are delighted he joined our Chief Executive Tom Hayden for...

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