Good Shepherd Podcast Episode 9: “It’s The Next Step Not The Last Step.”

For our next podcast we are joined by two people who are very well-known across Wolverhampton and are now both, in different ways, supporting the community.  

Paul Burns is a long-time worker at the Good Shepherd who was formerly a volunteer but now supports service users on the Housing First programme.  John Price, better known on social media as Jack Sparra, is someone who needed the support of the Good Shepherd in the past but now volunteers to help many different local charities.

In this wide-ranging discussion the pair touch on their respective backgrounds, how they deal with poor mental health, the determination they have to helping people and why it is so important to keep looking forward.

Podcast 9 is John and Paul!  But unfortunately there isn’t any singing. Or maybe that should be fortunately!

Good Shepherd Move On From Housing First

After five years delivering the Housing First project, the Good Shepherd has decided to refocus its operations and move on from working on the initiative...

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