It’s A Gardener’s World!

The Good Shepherd are stepping up plans for a Raised Bed Garden Project on the Centre’s car park which is set to include pieces of artwork as well as growing produce to be used in the food service.

Last summer, volunteer Mark Calver-Wilkes did some great work getting things started and clearing an area on the corner of the car park which can be transformed for the garden.

And now, one of the Good Shepherd service users Kenton, who is part of the New Start Project, has taken the task on in helping prepare the area for use.

“The New Start Project supports clients with a history of offending and homelessness to get their lives back on track with an array of support on offer tailored to the individual’s needs,” says Key Worker Neil Booth.

 “Kenton has been working tirelessly on this Raised Bed Garden Project for which we are extremely grateful.”

There has already been a very kind donation made of some runner beans for the project by one of the Good Shepherd’s social media followers and we are all really looking forward to seeing how it all develops.

This is also set to include some creative work from service users who attend the weekly art class at the Good Shepherd.

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