Kitchen Equipment Donated By Goodyear Fund

The Good Shepherd charity in Wolverhampton has received a generous donation from former Goodyear workers to help with the daily food service provided to the homeless and vulnerable from across the city.

The 5/344 Transport and General Workers Union Benevolent Fund has made a donation in excess of £4,000 for a new dishwasher and other kitchen equipment to help staff who are still working in the kitchen to provide a takeout food service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The donation is the latest in the support which the fund, whose chairman is Cyril Barrett, has provided the Wolverhampton charity over a number of years, having previously funded a new delivery van, cookers, fan extractors, laptops and a freezer.

“Cyril and everyone connected with the Benevolent Fund have been extremely supportive of the Good Shepherd over several years, and their funding has had a really positive impact on the charity,” says Helen Holloway, Admin Manager at the Good Shepherd.

“The support they have provided has ensured we are able to continue to deliver the best possible service to people from Wolverhampton who find themselves going through difficult times.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for our takeout food service has increased by 40 per cent to approximately 170 people every day, and so any help with equipment which we can give to our small and dedicated team of kitchen staff is vital.

“We would all like to thank all the former employees from Goodyear for their ongoing support which is very much appreciated by all connected with the Good Shepherd.”

The Benevolent scheme was established following the closure of the Wolverhampton Goodyear 

Tyre factory in 2015, from what was the workers’ sick pay fund, and has supported many different charity projects in Wolverhampton and the Black Country.

Cyril, Chairman of the 5/344 Transport and General Workers Union Benevolent fund, said: “We have seen this charity grow, providing much more support to the community.”

*Paul Burns, a key worker at the Good Shepherd and also a former Goodyear employee, is pictured, centre, with Roy Dudley, left, and Paul Baugh from Goodyear. 

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