National Trustees Week: Chairman’s Message

Today is the final day of National Trustees Week, showcasing the work of trustees across the country.

We thank all of the Trustees of the Good Shepherd for giving their time and expertise in their support of our activities and making such a positive difference.

Our Chairman of Trustees Nigel Tinsley has penned the message below highlighting the importance of the role of trustees.


Why would anyone want to be a Trustee ? It’s certainly not for the money – there isn’t any – or for the benefits – a plate of biscuits at a committee meeting if you’re lucky. 

No, the reason we have all signed up is to make a difference. We do this by bringing to the organisation specialist skills, experience and, hopefully, wisdom. 

Being a Trustee during a pandemic has needed all those skills. Our role has been to ensure that despite a constantly changing environment , we have been able to maintain our standards and provide care and support to people experiencing homelessness and the disadvantaged of the City. 

It’s been challenging to say the least, as there isn’t a guidebook (or should that be a “road map“?) , but fortunately we have a brilliant staff team who have met all the challenges head on. 

It’s a privilege and a responsibility to be a Trustee of Good Shepherd. A privilege, because we can help to make a difference to the lives of so many people, and a responsibility because we have to make sure that Good Shepherd can continue to provide care and support to those who so badly need our services.

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