Podcast 15: “If You Have Got A Talent, Go and Do It.”

This shorter podcast is a bit different to our normal interviews.  

Michael, on the left of the picture, a service user who attends our art and photography class, has a wonderfully powerful voice so we asked him if he wanted to record some jingles for our podcast and the exhibition connected with our role as ambassadors for the British Art Show.  

Instead, when he sat in front of the microphone, he chatted about his own journey through art, Wolverhampton as a whole, and the Good Shepherd.  

We have put the clips together for Michael’s own version of ‘Radio Good Shepherd’.  Click the above link to listen.

Our podcast was set up with funding support from the Heart of England Community Foundation.

Special Service To Mark 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary since the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd first arrived in Wolverhampton. It was Christmas Eve in 1972 when the Brothers...

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