Support Services

Housing First

We run a Housing First service in Wolverhampton, offering intensive support for people with multiple disadvantages who’ve experienced rough sleeping. Our Specialist Workers provide person centred, flexible support for people in line with the Housing First principles.

Our Workers and Peer Mentors work alongside service users to help them move into a home of their own, develop their skills and interests and engage in meaningful activity.

To find out more about the Housing First model go to

Supported Lettings SchemePrivate Sector

The Good Shepherd works with private landlords in Wolverhampton to secure good quality affordable accommodation in the city for people who are – or are at immediate risk of – rough sleeping. We provide enhanced support for all involved, including:


• One-to-one flexible support
• Budgeting support and payment plans
• Tenancy and benefit support
• Support to attend appointments
• ‘Move-on’ accommodation once support needs are met


• Source and assess tenants
• Regular property checks
• Support planned and unplanned ‘move-on’
• Support with any anti-social behaviour
• Mediation with tenants
• Arrange direct payments to the landlord

“I couldn’t get through the day without knowing that I had somewhere to go at night. My world then was so small, and my addiction had taken over that much that it was everything to me. Today life is good. As each day comes I do better than I did yesterday. My journey continues, and there’s more to come.”


LEAP Project

The LEAP project offers people with experience of homelessness the opportunity to volunteer and provide support to others going through similar challenges. 

LEAP – the Lived Experience into Action Project –will see volunteers follow a tailored programme of support to not only help service users at the Good Shepherd, but also take advantage of training opportunities to develop their own skills. 

An initial five-year project with thanks to funding from Oak Foundation, it aims to prevent a return to rough sleeping for people with a history of homelessness through a mix of intensive support and peer led interventions. 

LEAP will also offer training and volunteer placements for people with lived experience of homelessness, addiction, mental health or other related issues to become “peer navigators” who can provide support for people to maintain their properties and reintegrate with the community.

For more information email Chris Cole – [email protected]

New Start Project

For those coming out of prison, very often if they have nothing to look forward to, or no one to turn to, the road to avoiding re-offending can be full of pitfalls. 

They can find themselves locked in a cycle of re-offending with petty crimes and frequent prison sentences from which it can be difficult to escape. 

The Good Shepherd aims to provide new hope and fresh motivation for those keen to take themselves on a different path, thanks to a funding grant from Porticus. 

The ‘New Start Project’ is literally that – offering ex-offenders a new start with a wraparound programme of support tailored to each individual’s circumstances and ambitions. 

That support can include helping to maintain a tenancy, applying for benefits, developing budgeting skills or making referrals on to services like Recovery Near You for anyone with addiction issues or mental health services through a GP. 

It can also be support for people to access groups and volunteering opportunities here at the Good Shepherd, helping them to engage in meaningful activities and to meet new people. 

For more details contact Neil Booth – [email protected]

General Support

Alongside our various projects we also offer general support to people sleeping rough or at risk of becoming homeless.

If you see someone sleeping rough you can connect them to local services by going to or via the Streetlink app. You can also signpost them to us from 12pm-2pm Monday to Friday where members of our support team will be on hand to help.

We offer anyone sleeping rough in Wolverhampton a postal address, shower and laundry facilities as well as emergency clothing, practical advice and one-to-one support.

We support people to access suitable accommodation, move towards employment, access training or education and develop skills to build self-reliance and resilience. 

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