Some Golden Memories Of The Good Shepherd

Our Chair of Trustees Nigel Tinsley has been associated with the Brothers at the Good Shepherd for 40 of the 50 years since they arrived in Wolverhampton.

As the Golden Anniversary approaches on Christmas Eve, Nigel has provided a few snapshots of some of his more memorable moments!

  • Watching as Brother Malachy in full white vestments and with a shepherd’s crook in his hand led the residents across the street from the old Night Shelter to the sparkling new Good Shepherd Centre.
  • Realising that we didn’t have a pen for Princess Diana to sign our visitors book, and running round to Beatties (remember Beatties?) to buy a Parker ballpoint pen. I’ve still got it.
  • Coming across a delousing room for the first time.
  • Discovering that the residents weren’t very partial to a load of Moules Marinieres that Marks and Spencer had donated.
  • Holding a committee meeting in Darlington Street Methodist Church, and realising that the glow through the window was actually the Church on fire. 
  • Learning a whole new language of Hostel Deficit Grants, Special Needs Management allowances, Transitional Special Needs management allowances, Supporting People grants.  It was never this complicated 40 years ago! 
  • Going to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party when we received the Queen’s Award.
  • Bumping into Micky B, a long term resident, who was proudly sweeping the streets and had his own flat.
  • Abseiling down the Tarmac building to raise funds.
  • Advising some Brothers fresh over from the Freeways of New Mexico, that a day out to Stratford, Oxford and Cambridge might be pushing it a bit.
  • Carrying, and spilling, a container of sprouts from Darlington Street to Snow Hill for the Christmas Party. The car was almost undriveable for weeks.
  • Hearing from a friend in a very dark place that Brother Simon had saved his life.
  • Watching our new building fill up with wonderful people and wonderful support services.
  • Above all, being privileged to work with the Little Brothers, and in a small way facilitating the work that they do in our city.

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