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If it weren't for the Brothers I would have been on the streets. I have friends and football in my life now and on Tuesday we are celebrating my three years of not drinking.

Amo - Good Shepherd Service User

David’s Story: Making Something Of Myself

“Every day is a new day for me.  I am seeing things in different perspective, a new light.  Before I was just existing, but now I want...

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Brother William: Decades Of Service

Brother William Cahill is the longest-serving of the Brothers of the Good Shepherd when it comes to unbroken service for the community of Wolverhampton. This year’s...

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Brother Charles: Vocation For Life

If you have seen one of the small Good Shepherd vans driving around Wolverhampton and surrounding areas, chances are the driver will be one of...

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Brother Stephen: Respect And Dignity

There has been a longstanding tradition at the Good Shepherd connected to the dining service, where in excess of 100 people visit and are guaranteed...

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Darryl’s Story: Stopping The Avalanche

There has been a time when Darryl had a partner and family, ran several businesses, bought and sold houses at auction, and had hundreds of...

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Chris’s Story: A Second Chance

Chris Cole is heading up the LEAP project at the Good Shepherd, the Lived Experience into Action Project which offers volunteers with lived experience the...

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Matthew’s Story: Something To Live For

For Matthew Waterhouse, the transformation over the last 18 months has been nothing short of remarkable. “Speechless,” is his reply when asked what his family have...

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Lee’s Story: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Not long before the start of the pandemic, Lee found himself homeless after the break-up of a relationship, and living in a hostel thanks to...

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Steve’s Story: This Is Where I Am Meant To Be

Steve woke from his drug-induced stupor in a hospital in Liverpool. Repeated and prolonged drug use had led to the veins in his arms and legs...

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