Volunteer Focus: Carole

Next up in the series of finding out more of the vital work of the volunteers at the Good Shepherd, we caught up with Carole.

Hi Carole.What do you do at the Good Shepherd?   

I come in on a Wednesday where we’ve got a really good team and everyone works well together.  I will do whatever I am asked to do when I am here whether that is doing the drinks, preparing the tables, distributing the food.  I was in the kitchen last week mashing the spuds! So anything really.

Why did you decide to volunteer and how long have you been volunteering?    

I started when the Good Shepherd was at Darlington Street and would probably say around five years but that includes the Covid times when we weren’t able to come in.  I had just finished working and wanted to make myself useful and give something back.  

What do you find the most fulfilling about volunteering here?   

I think it is helping people and understanding the difficulties that they can face.  Volunteering has really opened my eyes to people who were struggling and on the streets and what they have to go through.  I remember talking to a young girl when I was volunteering with a church helping the homeless in Birmingham and she said that so many of those on the streets were previously in the Services.  I think that is so bad when you consider what those people were asked to do for their country.   It doesn’t take much for people to end up on a difficult path and often through no fault of their own.

Why do you feel the work of the Good Shepherd is important in Wolverhampton?    

I think it is just as important in Wolverhampton as the work all similar charities do across the country.  People are in need and it is important that they can be given help and support. 

What is the most special memory you have experienced whilst being a volunteer here? 

It might not necessarily be a special memory but I think what has surprised me a bit is how polite and grateful the service users are. They are often in very difficult situations and have been through a lot of trauma but they always say thank you and really appreciate what the Good Shepherd is doing for them.

Describe the Good Shepherd in three words?    

Important, togetherness and understanding.

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