Volunteer Focus: Lis

As we continue our series focused on the many volunteers who help at the Good Shepherd, we caught up with Lis, who is among the group of Wednesday volunteers.

Hi Lis.  What do you do at the Good Shepherd?   

I come in on a Wednesday and am usually involved in just setting up for the dining service.  Getting ready with the teas and coffees, sorting the cutlery, general preparation really.  I occasionally do a Monday as well.

Why did you decide to volunteer and how long have you been volunteering?    

I have been volunteering here now for about nine years. My daughter used to volunteer when the Good Shepherd was at Darlington Street Methodist Church and suggested I went along.  And I have been involved ever since.

What do you find the most fulfilling about volunteering here?   

I think it’s talking to the clients and just trying to be there for them if they need help. Having time for them.  Sometimes it’s about listening to their problems and when you get to know them a little bit, they often open up.  

Why do you feel the work of the Good Shepherd is important in Wolverhampton?    

There are still so many people who need the help.  There are so many different services available at the Good Shepherd now.  They not only come because they need food but they can receive support in so many other areas as well.

What is the most special memory you have experienced whilst being a volunteer here? 

One big memory which stands out for me was the service to mark the 50th anniversary of the Brothers arriving in Wolverhampton which was held at St Peter’s Church before Christmas.  It was such an uplifting service and to be there and part of it was very special. 

Describe the Good Shepherd in three words?    

Compassionate, welcoming and non-prejudicial. 

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