Volunteer Focus: Teresa

Next up in our volunteer series of those who do such important work for the Good Shepherd is Teresa, one of our newer recruits who is part of the team which carry out such a vital role.

What do you do at the Good Shepherd?   

I do a few different things from helping prepare the food in the kitchen, bagging food up for our Family Pantry and sometimes serving as well.  

Why did you decide to volunteer and how long have you been volunteering?    

I have been volunteering since last September.  It is something I had always thought of doing, particularly around Christmas time, but because of work commitments it was difficult. When I finished working, I realised charities like the Good Shepherd need more support than just at Christmas and so I got in touch.  And I now come in to help every Wednesday.

What do you find the most fulfilling about volunteering here?   

I think it is knowing you are being a help to people that need it.  It has been a real eye opener for me seeing how many people need to use the service. You come into the kitchen and see all these big pots full of food and it really makes you realise.

Why do you feel the work of the Good Shepherd is important in Wolverhampton?   

It is another door that people in need can come to.  They only come here when they really need help. I was already aware of the Good Shepherd because the school my children went to – St Anthony’s – had supported the charity previously.  I just wasn’t sure precisely where it was and the huge extent of what goes on here.

What is the most special memory you have experienced whilst being a volunteer here?

I haven’t been here long but I have really enjoyed it so far.  There was one moment as well, when I went out to the service users during a busy time and one of them said: “Hello, Teresa.”  He had actually done a picture for me which was really nice.  The service users who come here haven’t got much but they do try and do things for others when they can.

Describe the Good Shepherd in three words?    

Caring, supportive and friendly.

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