The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd was established by the Brothers of St John of God, a religious order who have supported the local community for almost 50 years. We deliver services in a way that makes people feel valued and always try to hear their voice. Our aim is to end homelessness in Wolverhampton and support people out of poverty. 

Since 2003 we have provided a regular food service in the city and, more recently, have expanded the support we offer to include a day centre, meaningful activity programme, 

Housing First service and private sector supported lettings scheme. We also host a multi-agency hub bringing together a wide range of agencies including health, education, training, and support services. 

At the Good Shepherd our staff are trained in Psychologically Informed Environments and Trauma Informed Care. We value lived experience and believe everyone has the capacity to change and achieve their full potential. 

Because we’ve been in the city for so long and have a history of never giving up on people or turning them away, we’ve developed a strong reputation with people in the city and we’re proud of the trust we’ve built with the people that use our services, our partners and the people of Wolverhampton.  

What makes the Good Shepherd special is the range of partnerships and cooperation we have with other charities, community organisations, and funders. We’re passionate about collaboration and we’re ambitious for the people that use our services. 


We are aiming to end homelessness and create sustainable pathways out of poverty, and ensure the most disadvantaged and marginalised have the support and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. 

We aim to do this by providing specialist support and by working with other charities and agencies to the benefit of those needing our help. 

Our food service remains the magnet which draws people to ask for help and from there we can work together to address other issues they may have. We will continue to develop and improve this service, focusing on the environmental impact of food waste and further integrating it with the support services. We recently launched our Family Food Hub, offering families in need the opportunity to choose their own weekly food provision rather than be handed a parcel, making for a more dignified ‘shopping’ experience and also reducing the potential for waste. 

Once working relationships are formed with those accessing our food service, we can then help them address their other needs including issues around accommodation, mental health, addiction, offending and relationships, whilst looking for suitable training and employment opportunities where possible. 

Fundraising will always form an integral part of our service to ensure we can continue to offer the highest quality of support and we remain hugely appreciative of the incredible backing received from individuals, schools, faith groups and companies. 

By working together, we have the opportunity to make positive and sustained long-term improvements to the lives of those who have found themselves on the fringes of society and have nowhere else to turn. 



Go the extra mile
Make people feel valued
Treat people with dignity and respect 


See and hear the person
No time limit to our services
Support people to gain a sense of purpose 


Have Integrity
Live our values
Trust our service users and act in a way that encourages them to trust us 


Value lived experience
Respect and learn from each other
Involve service users in decision making 


Promote Equality
Be on our service user’s sides
Know and fight for people’s rights 

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