A short story about DJ…

DJ approached Good Shepherd as a rough sleeper. After having his fair share of hard luck, DJ had regrettably turned to drugs.

Unfortunately, this led to regular short stints in and out of prison and after serving short sentences, DJ returned to sleeping rough. It was a routine that DJ had become accustomed to and one that we were keen on helping him break.

After urging DJ to join our service user programme, he began engaging with our supportive sessions. From there, the team worked hard to help place DJ in a local hostel. Today, DJ is in a much better position and continues to engage with our programme.

We were able to catch up with DJ who was keen to share his thoughts:

“The two courses I go to are art and cooking. The teacher is one of a kind. He’s so caring, helpful and he listens to what problems you have, and if he can help, he goes above and beyond. I’ve taken a lot from the groups, I’ve found the love for drawing again which I lost. I am by my own admission a terrible cook, but since attending cooking class I can cook myself a hot meal and if I dare to say, a Sunday roast!”

It’s always amazing to see this kind of progress. Even better when we can hear how our programme helps service users. From art classes to cooking groups, we always try and support people wherever we can. Now, time to try DJ’s Sunday roast…

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