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If it weren't for the Brothers I would have been on the streets. I have friends and football in my life now and on Tuesday we are celebrating my three years of not drinking.

Amo - Good Shepherd Service User

Phil’s Story: Home Comforts

“That’s what they say isn’t it? You need to hit absolute rock bottom before you want help…” And that, hitting rock bottom, is exactly what happened...

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Pauline’s Story: Five Decades Of Support

It was back in 1972 that the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd first launched their mission to help the homeless and vulnerable of Wolverhampton. Pauline...

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Chris’s Story: A Big Part Of My Life

To see Chris tirelessly working away behind the scenes at the Good Shepherd, you would be forgiven for thinking he had been working there forever. One...

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Marek’s Story: Given The Tools To Succeed

“There was a time when I was thinking – maybe tomorrow I die.  It’s not life.” The words of Marek, who spent a considerable time as a rough sleeper...

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Leanne’s Story: From Homelessness to University

Just over three years ago, Leanne Hayes was homeless.  On a downward spiral following personal issues including the death of loved ones which had led to...

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A short story about DJ... DJ approached Good Shepherd as a rough sleeper. After having his fair share of hard luck, DJ had regrettably turned to...

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We want to tell you the story of MG… A Polish national, who after going through some tough times, approached Good Shepherd as a rough...

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